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My name is Gerry Hart, and I am running for 8th Ward Commissioner of Haverford Township. My wife, Anne, and I have been residents of this wonderful community for more than 27 years. We have lived in the same home since 1990 and raised all six of our children in the Haverford School District. I recently retired after 30 years of practice as a family physician.


I’ve been lucky to meet many Haverford residents through my community activities. I’m a member of the Friends of Haverford Trails and longtime soccer and baseball coach. I currently serve as Board President of the American Legion’s Haverford Heat and as Commissioner of the Main Line Sandlot baseball league. I previously served on the boards of the Brookline Baseball and Softball League and Haverford Township Babe Ruth league.


I would like to put my skills and experience to work for the benefit of all of Haverford Township. I’ve been heartened to see the surge in activism since the November 2016 election, and I believe this new grassroots energy can propel local Democrats to victory in 2017.

As Ward 8 Commissioner,

I pledge to:


Make Haverford Township’s government accountable, transparent, responsive, and fair.


Build an even more inclusive and welcoming community.


Foster greater openness and communication between representatives and residents.


Guide the Township to make fiscally responsible decisions.


Push for comprehensive long-term planning that supports smart growth and quality of life.



Make sure government decision-making is transparent, fact-based and public.


Provide real information about events, decisions and debates at the Township level through frequent web postings, newsletters, emails and regular town hall meetings.


Ensure Township government is open to seeing all perspectives and that board volunteers and vendors are selected in an open and fair way.


Respond promptly to outreach by any residents, regardless of precinct or party, and treat every member of our community with respect.

Public Health

Help Haverford Township and Delaware County effectively address the growing opioid drug epidemic as well as other pressing community health issues.



Make smart decisions about spending and use our resources efficiently to achieve short- and long-term goals.



Invest in Haverford’s infrastructure, storm-water management system, local business districts, library, and open spaces such as trails, parks and playgrounds.

Comprehensive Planning

Launch a major municipal strategic planning process to ensure that Haverford remains an attractive place to live, work and play for years to come.

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